(15/7/2022) The initial hearing and performance comparison were conducted by Lombok Institute of Technology and University of Indonesia. The goal of this discussion is to foster cooperation between academic institutions in domains like renewable energy research and development and trade-based economic growth.  Many development opportunities in Lombok, including those for renewable energy and food exports,...
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(1/7/2022) The creation of an applied curriculum, which would serve as a coursebook, was discussed at a conference of internal lecturers conducted by Lombok Institute of Technology (LIT). The goal of this activity is to deliver teaching and learning activities in LIT throughout the best possible way.  The Netherlands and Australia are two of the...
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The Lombok Institute of Technology presented its curriculum in Semoyang Village on June 22, 2022, with the long-term objective of producing village youth who are eager to work and contribute significantly to the country and state, particularly their own village.  “Education is something vital, and as the village head, I am responsible to develop the...
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